Conference Participants

Conference Participants


INVITED SPEAKERS from previous years:
2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

Prof.	Nicolas Barreau

Prof. Nicolas Barreau

Institut des Matériaux de Nantes Jean Rouxel, Université de Nantes, CNRS, Nantes, France
Wide bandgap Cu(In,Ga)S2 thin film solar cell: a promising partner for c-Si based tandem devices

Prof. Mikheil Chikhradze

Prof. Mikheil Chikhradze

F.Tavadze Metallurgy and Materials Science Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia
Obtaining Nanostructure-containing Ceramic Material for Practical Application and Increasing Technology Readiness Level

Prof.	Oleksandr	Dobrovolskiy

Prof. Oleksandr Dobrovolskiy

University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Vortex Jets in Superconducting Films

Prof.	Virgil-Florin	Duma

Prof. Virgil-Florin Duma

Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Arad, Romania
Theory, simulations, and experiments of laser scanning with rotational Risley prisms

Prof.	Eric Faulques

Prof. Eric Faulques

Univ. Lille, CNRS, Centrale Lille, Univ. Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, Lille, France
Encapsulation of Octahedral Molybdenum Clusters and SnSe Nanowires in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Prof.	Sergej	Flach

Prof. Sergej Flach

Institute for Basic Science, Daejeon, South Korea
Flat Band Induced Metal-Insulator Transitions With Weak Disorder and Many Body Interactions

Prof. Vladimir M. Fomin

Prof. Vladimir M. Fomin

Leibniz IFW Dresden, Dresden, Germany
Topology- and geometry-driven properties of superconductor 3D nanoarchitectures

Prof.	Sergiy	Frolov

Prof. Sergiy Frolov

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, United States of America
Unconventional Josephson Effects in Hybrid Superconductor-Semiconductor Junctions

Prof.	Victor	Kagalovsky

Prof. Victor Kagalovsky

Shamoon College of Engineering, Beer-Sheva, Israel
The Emergence of the Non-Interacting Channel in the Strongly Interacting 1D System

Prof.	Victor	Karachevtsev

Prof. Victor Karachevtsev

B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of NAS of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Peculiarities of RNA Adsorption on Graphene/Graphene Oxide

Prof.	Peter	Lemmens

Prof. Peter Lemmens

Univ. Technology Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany
Vortex Light, a Novel Tool to Discriminate Helicity from Chirality in Chiral Media

Prof.	Ivan	Marchenko

Prof. Ivan Marchenko

1) NSC “Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology”, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2) University of Silesia in Katowice, Katowice, Poland

Diffusion Oscillations in AC-Driven Space-Periodic Systems

Prof. Mauro	Fernandes Pereira

Prof. Mauro Fernandes Pereira

Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Superlattices: Nanomaterials for Photonics and Optical Spectroscopy

Prof.	Dmytro	Pesin

Prof. Dmytro Pesin

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, United States of America
Transport on an Interacting Helical Edge with Resonant Impurities

Prof.	Elena	Savchenko

Prof. Elena Savchenko

B. Verkin ILTPE of NASU, Kharkiv, Ukraine
New emission band of solid Nitrogen

Prof.	Andrzej	Szewczyk

Prof. Andrzej Szewczyk

Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Polands
Low-Temperature Magnetic Phase Transition in TbAl3(BO3)4 - Quantum and Classical Aspects

Prof.	Andrzej	Wisniewski

Prof. Andrzej Wisniewski

Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Polands
Unconventional Exchange-Bias Effect in Single Crystals of RFeO3 (R =Er, Nd, Sm) and GdCrO3 Compensated Ferrimagnets

Dr.	Cristina 	Neves

Dr. Cristina Neves

CICECO Aveiro Institute of Materials, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal
Liquid Exfoliation of Layered Double Hydroxides for Application as Nanoadditives in Biocomposites

Dr.	Anton	Parafilo

Dr. Anton Parafilo

Institute for Basic Science, Daejeon, South Korea
Charge Kondo Impurity Simulator Operating in the Fractional Quantum Hall Regime

Dr.	Vladyslav	Seminko

Dr. Vladyslav Seminko

Institute for Scintillation Materials NAS of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Luminescence Properties and ROS Scavenging Activity of Ceria Nanoparticles

Dr.	Sergei	Zherlitsyn

Dr. Sergei Zherlitsyn

Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Dresden, Germany
Spin–Orbital Liquid State and Liquid–Gas Metamagnetic Transition on a Pyrochlore Lattice


1. Electronic Properties of Conducting and Superconducting Systems

Dr. Ihor Bilych, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Acoustoelectric transformation in superconducting chalcogenides based on FeSe"
Ms. Liudmyla Bludova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Pseudogap and fluctuation conductivity studies: YBCO polycrystal co-added with BaTiO3 and WO3 nanoparticles"
Dr. Valery Frolov, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Effect of the sign of charge carriers in the kinetic and magnetic anomalies of Al0.5CoCuCrNiFe high-entropy alloy"
Mr. Oleksandr Kitsenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Quantum capacitance and inductance of qubit-based systems"
Mr. Andriy Kolisnyk, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Effects of annealing on the fluctuation conductivity and pseudogap in slightly doped HoBa2Cu3O7-δ single crystals"
Dr. Valentin Koverya, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Formation of a Josephson junction between isolated superconductors by electrical breakdown of the insulator"
Mr. Danylo Menesenko, Kyiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Fingerprints of Leggett-like collective excitations in two-component superconductors"
Dr. Eugene Petrenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Evolution of the pseudogap temperature dependence under the influence of strong magnetic fields in YBCO films"
Dr. Alexei Semenov, Kyiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "On the possibility of Cooper pairing and superconductivity in the surface bands of noble metals"
Mr. Nikita Shytov, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Evolution of the pseudogap and excess conductivity of YBa2Cu3O7-δ single crystals in the course of long-term aging"
Mr. Valerii Yarovyi, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Effect of Dy substitution by Eu on superconductivity in (Dy1-xErx)Rh3.8Ru0.2B4 (x=0, 0.2, 0.4)"
Mr. Valerii Yarovyi, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Features of magnetoresistance behavior in Bi95.69Mn3.69Fe0.62"

2 Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Dr. Ihor Bilych, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Features of the magnetoelastic interaction in the antiferromagnetic MnF2"
Dr. Oleksii Bludov, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Magnetic properties of HoCr3(BO3)4"
Mr. Petro Danylchenko, Košice (Slovak Republic) | Oral Presentation: "The magnetic properties of Cu(en)(H2O)2SO4 the S = 1/2 quantum antiferromagnet loaded into mesoporous silica matrix SBA-15 with the hexagonal arrangement of pores"
Ms. Anastasiia Doroshenko, Košice (Slovak Republic) | Poster: "The reciprocating thermal behavior in spin relaxation of [Gd2(H2O)6(C2O4)3] ∙2.5H2O complex"
Dr. Alexey Fedorchenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Cobalt-Containing Layered Double Hydroxides: Low-Temperature Heat Capacity"
Dr. Alexander Glamazda, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Rh3+ doped 122-type iron pnictide CaFe2As2: Raman scattering study"
Dr. Alexander Glamazda, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "The rare-earth binary ferroborate Nd0.75Dy0.25Fe3(BO3)4 single crystal: spectroscopic and ultrasonic study"
Dr. Vitalii Horielyi, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "The Influence of Percolation Spin Current on Magnetoresistance Hysteresis Loops"
Ms. Anna Kabatova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "The energy spectrum and low-temperature magnetic properties of the decorated two-leg mixed spin ladder"
Mr. Yuriy Kharchenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Magnetic hysteresis loops of linear birefringence in LiCo-orthophosphate crystal"
Dr. Volodymyr Khrustalyov, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "High-field magnetic properties in double molybdate KEr(MoO4)2"
Dr. Irina Kobzar (Zhuravleva), Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Experimental study of hydrostatic and chemical pressure effects on magnetic properties of RCoO3 cobaltites (R = La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu)"
Ms. Liliia Kotvytska, Košice (Slovak Republic) | Poster: "Specific heat of the zeolitic imidazolate frameworks"
Dr. Khrystyna Kutko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Zeeman effect in KEr(MoO4)2 at magnetic field up to 30 T"
Dr. Anastasiya Lyogenkaya, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Electronic structure and magnetic properties of antiferromagnet FeGe2"
Dr. Olga Myloslavska, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "New verification of the magnetic point symmetry group of the calcium–magnesium germanium garnet Ca3Mn2Ge3O12"
Dr. Alexey Peschanskii, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Computational and Spectroscopic comparative analysis of phonon spectra of LiNiPO4"
Dr. Valeriya Piryatinskaya, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Peculiarities of magnetic linear dichroism spectra in HoFe3(BO3)4 crystal"
Dr. Sergei Poperezhai, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Magnetic interactions in Ca3Nd2(BO3)4 single crystal"
Dr. Yuliya Savina, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Magnetic properties of HoFe2.5Ga0.5(BO3)4 single crystal"
Mr. Andrii Sokolov, Jyväskylä (Finland) | Poster: "Nonlinear harmonics in the doubly clamped magnetic bridge"

3 Optics, Photonics and Optical Spectroscopy

Dr. Oleksandr Akhmerov, Odessa (Ukraine) | Poster: "Luminescent Monitoring the State of Dichroic Complexes in Polaroids Based on Polyvinyl Alcohol "
Mr. Valentyn Andriichuk, Kyiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Few-photon wave packet propagation via a nonlinear cavity dimer in a one-dimensional waveguide"
Dr. Yuriy Azhniuk, Uzhhorod (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Raman spectroscopy of amorphous As–Te–S films"
Mr. Serhii Herasymov, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Diode-Pumped Nd:YAG Laser Setup as Source of Radiation for the Range Finders"
Mr. Artem Hrinchenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Designing Hyperbolic Metasurfaces Based on Gold Nanodisks"
Ms. Oksana Mankovska, Bilyky, Poltava region (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Brewster's angle shift with two-dimensional materials and structures"
Dr. Kseniia Minakova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Uniaxial Model of the Solar Collector Taking into Account Heat Loss and Thermal Resistance of the Absorber Plate"
Ms. Polina Pisklova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Spectroscopic study of J-aggregates interaction with nanostructured TiO2 matrices"
Dr. Iryna Ropakova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Dynamical characteristics of an impurity in a molecular aggregate in the bichromatic electromagnetic field"
Mr. Andrii Sokolov, Jyväskylä (Finland) | Poster: "Continuous counting of photon pairs with a threshold detector"
Dr. Eugene Stolyarov, Kyiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Two-photon coupling between a Josephson photomultiplier and a microwave resonator"
Dr. Oleh Yermakov, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Merging fiber optics with nanostructures for enhanced light coupling"
Dr. Viktor Zoryansky, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Photoluminescent properties of C60 fullerite intercalated with N2 and H2 molecules in a wide temperature range"

4 Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals, Cryocrystals

Dr. Yurii Doronin, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Comparative study of exciton self-trapping in rare gas clusters and cryocrystals"
Ms. Nadiia Herashchenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Resonances of Closed Vibrating Fork in Superfluid 3He-4He Mixtures"
Ms. Diana Hurova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Determination of orientational order parameter in the low-temperature phase of solid Nitrogen-15"
Dr. Anna Karachevtseva, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Phase diagrams of heterocyclic hydrocarbons"
Dr. Oleksii Konotop, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Formation mechanisms of substrate-free clusters in N2-Kr binary supersonic jets"
Dr. Oleksandr Konstantynov, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Thermomagnetic convective effect in normal and superfluid liquids"
Dr. Elena Manzhelii, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Defect-induced singularities in the spectrum of a one – dimensional atomic structure adsorbed by a carbon nanotube bundle. Heat capacity"
Dr. Olesia Romantsova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Universal Temperature Dependence of the Diffusons Contribution to the Thermal Conductivity of Complex Clathrate-type Crystals"
Dr. Volodymyr Sagan, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "P-V-T phase diagrams of carbocyclic compounds"
Dr. Oleksandr Samoilov, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Interactions of Non-modified, Organo and Acid-Modified Laponite with Liquid Crystal Hosts in Lyotropic and Thermotropic Phases"

5 Nanophysics and Nanotechnologies

Dr. Maksym Barabashko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "1D chains of Xe atoms: heat capacity and thermal expansion"
Dr. Maksym Barabashko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Heat capacity of modified MWCNTs with a diameter Ø9.4 nm"
Dr. Liliya Batyuk, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Research on Entropy Generation in Complex Flow Structures in the Artificial Network of the Circulatory System"
Mr. Ciro Bruscino, Naples (Italy) | Oral Presentation: "Single photon sources g2(0) reduction by means of Photon Number Resolving detectors"
Mr. Serhii Cherednychenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Optical properties of aqueous colloidal solution of fullerenes C60"
Ms. Anna Herus, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Selective quantum detection methods for the analysis of liquid and gaseous media"
Ms. Kimberly Intonti, Fisciano (Italy) | Oral Presentation: "Investigation of the photo-response of few-layer ReSe2 field effect transistors at different pressures"
Dr. Andrii Korotun, Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine) | Poster: "Optical properties of metal nanocylinders with periodically modulated surface"
Mr. Vitalii Lebed, Kyiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Electrochemical Synthesis of Thin Graphene Layers for Field Emission Applications"
Dr. Volodymyr Leonov, Kyiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Conditions for the Formation of Electroluminescence in Molecular Junctions"
Mr. Maksym Liul, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Rate-equation approach for the solid-state artificial atom"
Dr. Pavel Maksimchuk, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Effect of Europium Doping on «Dark» Reactive Oxygen Species Generation Ability of Orthovanadate Nanoparticles"
Ms. Tetyana Medintseva, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Numerical description of phonon heat flow in nanoribbons with diffusive and specular boundary reflection"
Dr. Kseniia Minakova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Characteristics of Phonon Propagation in Graphene Nanostructures. Fast High-Frequency Phonons in a Quasi-Bending Mode"
Prof. Konstantin Nemchenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Explicit consideration of heat flow in nanoribbons with diffusive boundary scattering"
Mr. Nazar Pavlyshche, Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine) | Poster: "Surface plasmons in metal-dielectric nanodisks. Model of an equivalent oblate spheroid"
Ms. Nina Smirnova, Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine) | Poster: "Amplification of the field for the analysis of hybrid spherical nanoparticles"
Ms. Loredana Viscardi, Fisciano (Italy) | Oral Presentation: "Ni and NiCr contacts in Black Phosphorus based field-effect transistors"

6 Biophysics and Physics of Macromolecules

Dr. Volodymyr Berest, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Tracing population dynamics of erythrocytes by chromatographic microfluidics"
Mr. Oleg Boryak, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Monitoring of freezing of a polydispersed system by desorption mass spectrometry"
Dr. Alexander Glamazda, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "DNA:SWNTs nanohybrids in gelatin films: spectroscopic studies"
Dr. Dmytro Glibitskiy, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Comparison of the Effects of Biologically Active Substances on the Textures of Zigzag Patterns on Films Obtained from BSA Solutions"
Dr. Tetiana Hushcha, Kyiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "The effect of thiamine on the condensation of serum albumin from the viscometry viewpoint"
Dr. Maksym Karachevtsev, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Immobilization of flexible linker with pyrene anchor for siRNA on Single Walled Carbon Nanotube’s surface: Molecular Dynamics study"
Dr. Nataliia Khmil, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Study of the protein-ligand binding in the development of hypersensitivity to folic acid"
Prof. Iryna Kravchenko, Odessa (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Physicochemical and mesomorphic properties of thermotropic liquid crystals for transdermal delivery"
Dr. Nikita Kurnosov, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Spectroscopy and AFM study of few-layer MoS2 exfoliated with nucleotides"
Ms. Kateryna Kuznetsova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Numerical modelling of working parameters of a multiwell microplate as all-dielectric metasurface based sensitive platform for microwave sensors"
Dr. Vlada Pashynska, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Noncovalent intermolecular interaction of drugs with delivery assisting agents as a basis for the drug delivery molecular platforms development"
Mr. Igor Perepelitsa, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Anti-adhesive properties of antimicrobial peptides"
Mr. Tymofii Piddubnyi, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "DFT study of vibrational spectra and structure of the pyrimidine base-molybdenum disulfide complexes"
Dr. Alexander Plokhotnichenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Electrospinning of PMMA/PVA Nanofibers with Incorporated Antibacterial Components"
Dr. Olga Ryazanova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Binding of TMPyP3+ Porphyrin to poly(A)*poly(U) Polynucleotide: a Spectroscopic Study"
Dr. Vadim Shelkovsky, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Mass spectrometric observation of selectivity of interaction of amino acids with graphene oxide"
Ms. Anastasiia Svidzerska, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "The detail dynamic light scattering investigation of DNA : TiO2 nanoassemblies colloidal solution at pH 5.0 depending on temperature"
Ms. Uliana Tarabara, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Molecular docking study of the complexes between fibrillized insulin and albumin"
Dr. Eugenia Usenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "DNA-TiO2 nanoparticle nanoassemblies: differential UV spectroscopy and thermal denaturation study"
Dr. Olga V. Vashchenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Mutual impact of alternative mechanisms of gramicidin S embedding into model lipid membranes"

7 Materials Science

Dr. Yuriy Azhniuk, Uzhhorod (Ukraine) | Poster: "Photoinduced crystallization of SnS2 phase in Sn-doped As2S3 glass observed by Raman spectroscopy"
Mr. Pavlo Baloh, Košice (Slovakia) | Oral Presentation: "Experimental study of the low-temperature properties of AsxS100-x glass"
Dr. Oleksii Bezkrovnyi, Wrocław (Poland) | Oral Presentation: "In-situ insights into metal-support interaction in ceria-supported metal catalysts"
Dr. Larysa Fomenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Temperature dependence of plasticity characteristics determined by indentation of CoCrFeNiMn high-entropy alloy"
Dr. Alla Gorb, Kyiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Thermal behaviour of graphene-epoxy nanocomposites"
Dr. Eduard Gordiyenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Using a Reference IR Source with a Combined Emissivity for Measuring the Temperature of Cryo-Objects by Thermography"
Mr. Volodymyr Hamalii, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "In plane contraction on SrTiO3 (001) surface by the RHEED method"
Dr. Tetiana Hryhorova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the high-entropy Fe50Mn30Co10Cr10 alloy at cryogenic temperatures down to 0.5 K"
Dr. Andrii Kashuba, Lviv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Growth and crystal structure of CdTe1–xSex (x> 0.75) thin films prepared by the method of high-frequency magnetron sputtering"
Ms. Natalya Kashuba, Lviv (Ukraine) | Poster: "First-principle calculation of the electronic energy structure and thermoelectric properties of β-Ag8GeSe6"
Prof. Alexander Molnar, Uzhhorod (Ukraine) | Poster: "Low-Temperature Anomalies of the Dielectric Permeability of Sn2P2S6 Crystals"
Ms. Oksana Morozova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Features of structure formation in composites based on synthesized nanopowder of ZrO2"
Dr. Tetyana Popyk, Uzhhorod (Ukraine) | Poster: "Excitation of electron states of GaAs(100):Sn by slow electrons"
Mr. Valentyn Riaboshtan, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Mechanism of the modifying effect of molybdenum on the grain structure of copper pseudo-alloys"
Dr. Hanna Rusakova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Correlation between Microhardness and Yield Strength of Extruded Oxygen-free Copper in the Temperature Range of 77-300 К"
Dr. Hanna Rusakova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Features of highly elastic (rubber-like) deformation of amorphous polyimide (kapton H) under moderate and deep cooling"
Dr. Hanna Rusakova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Molecular segments and elastons are structural and kinetic units of low-temperature highly elastic (rubber-like) deformation of amorphous polymers"
Dr. Hanna Rusakova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Theoretical interpretation and analytical approximation of low-temperature deformation diagrams of amorphous polyimide"
Ms. Iryna Shender, Uzhhorod (Ukraine) | Poster: "Phase equilibria in the Ag7SiS5I–Ag7GeS5I system"
Dr. Sergii Shumilin, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Low-temperature plasticity of ultrafine-grained copper"
Prof. Valentin Shuvalov, Dnipro (Ukraine) | Poster: "Probe diagnostics of a rarefied magnetized plasma flow in modeling the physicochemical interaction of polymers with atomic oxygen in the Earth's ionosphere"
Dr. Ruslan Smolianets, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Dislocation Mechanisms of Low-Temperature Plasticity in Nanocrystalline Titanium"
Dr. Ruslan Smolianets, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Thermofluctional Plasticity of Nanocrystalline Hafnium"
Mr. Daviti Surmanidze, Tbilisi (Georgia) | Poster: "The effect of O2 pressure on phase formation and superconductivity properties of Tl-2223 HTS"
Dr. Kostiantyn Torokhtii, Roma (Italy) | Poster: "Flux flow and pinning at microwaves in MgB2 with added Te or cubic-BN"
Mr. Yevhenii Trotskyi, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Structural and phase transitions in BEDT-TTF"
Prof. Yulian Vysochanskii, Uzhhorod (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Involving of cationic sublattices into multiple polarization states in ferrielectric CuInP2S6"
Dr. Pavel Zabrodin, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Low temperature plasticity of microcrystalline Mg-1.7Al-0.66Ce-0.36La-0.23Nd-0.18Mn-0.05Pr alloy"

8 Theory of Condensed Matter Physics

Ms. Olha Bahrova, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Cooling and pumping of nanomechanical vibrations promoted by Andreev tunneling"
Ms. Elvira Bilokon, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Many-body phases in optical-lattice systems with alkaline-earth(-like) atoms. Dynamical Mean Field approach"
Ms. Valeriia Bilokon, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Many-body correlations in one-dimensional optical lattices with alkaline-earth(-like) atoms"
Mr. Mykyta Bulakhov, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Broken-axisymmetry state and magnetic state diagram of spin-1 condensate through the prism of quadrupole degrees of freedom"
Dr. Oksana Charkina, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Fine structure of bound states of parametrically-driven dissipative solitons"
Dr. Oksana Charkina, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Nonlinear effect of localization of spin excitations on non-equilibrium domain walls in ferromagnets"
Dr. Olga Ilinskaya, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Theoretical investigation of a semiclassical dissipative flux qubit-based photon detector"
Mr. Oleh Ivakhnenko, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Optimization of fast nonadiabatic single-qubit logic gates"
Ms. Polina Kofman, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Alternative qubit driving: Phase case"
Mr. Oleksii Kryvchikov, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Investigation of Magnetic Properties in 2D Ising Systems on Decorated Honeycomb Lattice"
Mr. Denys Laptiev, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Magnetic properties of the frustrated decorated Ising chain"
Dr. Sergey Lukyanets, Kyiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "On one phase transition with features of a topological effect"
Dr. Serhiy Lyagushyn, Dnipro (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Superradiation and condensed matter: reduced description method"
Dr. Oleksandr Peletminskii, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Zero sound in a quantum gas of spin-3/2 atoms with multipole exchange interaction"
Mr. Artem Ryzhov, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Two-qubit nonadiabatic quantum logic gates"
Dr. Andrii Sotnikov, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Many-body localization in a quantum gas with long-range interactions and linear external potential"
Mr. Vladyslav Unukovych, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Evolution of magnetic ordering of SU(4)-symmetric fermionic mixture within the transition from 3D to 2D-layered optical lattice"

9 Technologies and Instrumentation for Physical Experiments

Ms. Aigerim Akylbayeva, Almaty (Kazakhstan) | Poster: "Cryovacuum spectrophotometer for the study of astrophysical ice"
Dr. Andrea Alimenti, Roma (Italy) | Oral Presentation: "Performance evaluation of superconductive microwave resonators for axion detection"
Mr. Valentyn Anufriiev, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "The optical system for patient identification"
Dr. Yevgeniy Korshikov, Almaty (Kazakhstan) | Poster: "Research of processes of self-organization and accumulation of greenhouse gases in cryocondensate clathrates at low temperatures."
Dr. Marina Kosevich, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Simplified method of micro- and nanostructures generation by low-power ultrasound device"
Mr. Oleksandr Leha, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Oral Presentation: "Technological Limitations and Performances of Superconducting Metamaterial: Laser Scanning Microscopy Analysis"
Dr. Valery Lyakhno, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Design of a cryogenic cell for quantum measurements of a flux qubit as a single microwave photons counter"
Prof. Alexander Molnar, Uzhhorod (Ukraine) | Poster: "Precision temperature controller for cryostats"
Mr. Dmytro Shkoda, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Experimental Measurement of Amplitude-Time Characteristics of Thin-film Structures Based on Telluride-Cadmium"
Dr. Oleg Turutanov, Bratislava (Slovakia) | Oral Presentation: "Designing cooled UHF HEMT preamplifier with microwatt power dissipation for flux qubit quantum measurements"
Ms. Olga Vorobyova, Almaty (Kazakhstan) | Oral Presentation: "IR spectra of cryocondensates of a mixture of water and methanol with nitrogen"
Dr. Alexander Zhuravel, Kharkiv (Ukraine) | Poster: "Laser Scanning Microscopy of Planar Superconductors"


Dr. Zoya Eremenko, Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics NASU, Kharkov, Ukraine
Dr. Tigran Kotanjyan, A.I. Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute) Foundation, Yerevan, Armenia
Mr. Pavlo Lakhtin, Karazin Kharkov National University, Kharkov, Ukraine
Dr. Nataliia Mysko-Krutik, RUHR-UNIVERSITÄT BOCHUM, Bochum, Germany
Dr. Mariia Pashchenko, Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Praha, Czechia
Dr. Hermann Rothard, CIMAP-CNRS, Caen, France
Ms. Lucia Vigliotti, University of Genova, Genova, Italy
Dr. Valentyna Zobnina, B. Verkin ILTPE of NASU, Kharkiv, Ukraine