Author's Guides

How to participate

1. Fill in online registration form. Regular participants are free to choose type of their presentation: oral or poster. Invited Speakers may choose only oral plenary lecture type of their presentation.

2. Prepare your one-page abstract according Abstract Template and send your abstract to before 15 March 2023. Speakers requiring special equipment should contact the organizers beforehand.

3. All abstracts will pass under review by the Program Committee. If there are any questions, you would be contacted additionally. After the review procedure you receive the acceptance notification with the invitation letter. Then you need to pay the charitable registration fee before 20 April 2023 according to instruction that you will receive to your e-mail.

4. Prepare your oral or poster presentation and send the record of your talk or *pdf.file of your poster respectively to before 20 May 2023.

** The half of each registration fee will transfer to the official charity fond to cover the current needs of the Armed forces of Ukraine

Oral Presentation


10 min including time for discussion.


20 or 40 min including time for discussion.

In the case of participation with online oral report, please record the video of your talk and send it to before 20 May 2023.

We recommend using any screen recorder application to record your presentation slides on the full screen with a voiceover. Your presentation's record will be broadcast according to the conference program. During that time please, be online to answer questions from other participants after the end of the broadcast of your presentation's record.

Poster Presentation


hard-copy papers/posters,
A1 format (594 x 841 mm),
portrait orientation.

In the case of participation with online poster, please send your poster in *.pdf format to before 20 May 2023.

During the conference dates, the *.pdf file of your poster will be available online for all participants. Each participant may ask you a question using the "comment" option. The author of the report replies using the "reply to comment" option.

Participants with face-to-face posters will be provided bulletin boards and adhesive tape to display the poster along with a sign indicating the corresponding number. Poster presenters should set up their posters at least 30 min before the start of the poster session. Authors must remain in the vicinity of their posters during the session to answer questions. Please, remove your poster after the session. Posters not removed will be considered unwanted and will be discarded.