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Young Aleksei Pogorelov
Technician-lieutenant Aleksei Pogorelov (1944)
Aleksei Pogorelov fishing
Aleksei Pogorelov on motorcycle
In 1950 A.V. Pogorelov was awarded the Stalin Prize
A.V. Pogorelov in the age of nearly 35
A.V. Pogorelov
A.V. Pogorelov working
A.V. Pogorelov at the All-Union Conference on Geometry in Kiev with Ya.P. Blank (1962)
A.V. Pogorelov's drawing of Ya.P. Blank (1957)
A.V. Pogorelov with A.D. Aleksandrov (1956)
A.V. Pogorelov with N.V. Efimov
A.V. Pogorelov's teachers: A.D. Aleksandrov, B.N. Delone and N.V. Efimov (1967)
A.V. Pogorelov in the Geometry Department's room
Scientist and person, whose contributions in science are impossible to be overestimated
In 2000 Kharkiv University conferred the title of Honorary Doctor to A.V. Pogorelov

More photos of Pogorelov A.V. can be viewed and/or downloaded there