Академик АН УССР Наум Ильич Ахиезер

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The postal address is: Akhiezer Foundation 47 Nauky Ave., Kharkiv 61103 Ukraine


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The Akhiezer Foundation was established in 2005 in Kharkiv, Ukraine to support promising young mathematicians studying or working in Kharkiv. It is named after Naum Akhiezer, one of the most prominent Kharkiv mathematicians, who made outstanding contributions to many fields in mathematical physics, approximation theory, spectral theory and complex analysis.

Naum Akhiezer always emphasized mathematical education for young people. He was the organizer of Kharkiv Lyceum for physics and mathematics (known as “27th school”), a high school for children gifted in these sciences.

From the very beginning, Professor Michael Brin of the University of Maryland (USA) has been (and still is) the Foundation's main contributor.

Since 2019, the Foundation has been supported by Nova Ukraine (https://novaukraine.org/), a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about Ukraine in the US and throughout the world and providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The Foundation annually awards several scholarships for young mathematicians (Master and PhD students, young professionals) living in Kharkiv.