Department of Magnetism

Head of the Department: Doctor of Sciences (Physics & Mathematics)

Volodymyr S. Kurnosov


Tel. +38 (057) 340-08-81

The Department was founded in 1994 by integrating several research teams of the Department of Low Temperature Magnetism (headed by V.V. Eremenko, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (till 1986) and N.F. Kharchenko, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (since 1986)) and several teams of the Department of Infrared Spectroscopy (headed by A.I. Zvyagin, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1966 - 1991). From 1994 up to 2019 the head of Department was academician of NAS of Ukraine S.L. Gnatchenko.

At present the Department includes 27 co-workers, among which: 4 Doctors of Sciences (DS) - V.P. Gnezdilov, V.S. Kurnosov; O.L. Fertman, Academician of NASU M.F. Kharchenko 15 Candidates of Sciences (Ph. D.) - V.A. Bedarev, A.V. Eremenko, I.S. Kachur, K.V. Kutko, V.M. Khrustalyov, M.I. Kobets, D.N. Merenkov, O.V. Myloslavskaya, N.M. Nesterenko, V.O. Pashchenko, A.V. Peschanskii, V.G. Piryatinskaya, Yu.O. Savina, V.M. Savytskyi, V.V. Tsapenko.

Main scientific fields:
  • magnetic, high frequency and resonant properties of magnets;
  • spontaneous and magnetic-field induced spin-orientation phase transitions in magnetically ordered insulators, metallic magnetic superlattice and nanostructures;
  • structural phase transitions in magnetic dielectrics;
  • non-uniform magnetic states formed at magnetic and structural phase transitions;
  • dynamics of a crystal lattice, light scattering on electronic and magnetic excitations;
  • optical, millimetric and infra-red spectroscopy of magnetically-ordered crystals;
  • photoinduced phenomena in magnetic crystals;
  • properties of metastable high-temperature multiferroics;
  • low energy dynamic in layered crystal compounds with rare earth ions in magnetic fields
  • optics and spectroscory study of magnetoconcentrated ferroics;
  • magnetooptical study of antiferromagnetic crystalls and artificial magnetic nanostructures.

The most important results:
  • detection of non-uniform states near the phase transitions induced by a magnetic field in antiferromagnets and ferrimagnets, research of their static and dynamic properties;
  • detection of photoinduced linear birefringence and absorption in antiferromagnetic and paramagnetic manganese garnets;
  • detection of the photoinduced phase transitions in manganese oxides;
  • detection of surface and volume noncollinear structures induced by a magnetic field in multilayered nanostructural films and superlattices;
  • detection of peculiarities of fine structure of exiton-magnon absorption of light, caused by high density of states at the bottom of a spin-wave zone in low-dimensional antiferromagnets;
  • detection of the effect of huge phonon mode softening in doped manganites below metal-insulator transition temperature;
  • detection of a fluctuating spin-state phase and a wipeout of the low-frequency phonon-scattering intensity under the influence of temperature and electromagnetic radiation in Fe2+ coordination polymer;
  • detection of high-frequency exchange modes of an antiferromagnetic resonance;
  • detection and research of non-stationary chaotic modes of antiferromagnetic resonance in low-dimensional antiferromagnet;
  • detection of the structural phase transitions induced by a magnetic field in low-dimensional magnets;
  • detection of the magnetic moment quantum tunneling in Ising chains at ultralow temperatures;
  • detection of one-phonon absorption and light scattering in crystals induced by reduction of Brillouin zone at magnetic ordering;
  • detection of charge stripe-ordering effect on phonon and magnon spectra in low-dimensional nickelates.