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Head of the Department is KARACHEVTSEV Victor Alekseevich, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics

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The Molecular Biophysics Department at ILTPE was formed in 1968 on the Academician Verkin B.I. initiative. From the Department foundation, it was headed by Blagoi Yuri Pavlovich, Professor, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics. Along with traditional spectroscopic and thermodynamic methods, new low temperature ones were developed by biophysics of ILTPE. These approaches included spectroscopy of low temperature matrix isolation of biomolecules, low temperature mass-spectrometry, low temperature spectroscopy of light absorption, and fluorescent spectroscopy. As well, the scientific direction studying physical and chemical properties of natural and synthetic nucleic acid complexes with metal ions, drugs and dyes proved itself as an effective one.
Since 2000, Karachevtsev Victor Alekseevich, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, is at the head of the Department. With his coming, a new perspective scientific direction is being actively developed, namely: creating and studying bionanohybrids based on carbon nanotubes and fullerenes.
At present the staff of the Department is 25 coworkers. Among them are 5 Doctors of Sciences (Blagoi Yu.P., Karachevtsev V.A., Kosevich M.V., Rubin Yu.V., Sorokin V.A.), 10 Candidates of Sciences (Bogatina N.I., Gladchenko G.O., Glamazda A.Yu., Zozulya V.N., Ivanov A.Yu., Pashinskaya V.A., Plokhotnichenko A.M., Ryazanova O.A., Stepanian S.G., Shelkovsky V.S.), and 10 engineers.

The main directions of scientific studies: