Department of Magnetism

Group of microwave and infrared spectroscopy

Group staff:

  1. Kurnosov V.S., Candidate of Science (Ph.D.), senior researcher, head of group;
  2. Yeremenko A.V., Candidate of Science (Ph.D.), senior researcher;
  3. Tsapenko V.V., Candidate of Science (Ph.D.), researcher.

Main research directions:

  • mechanisms of the influence of magnetic ordering of a medium on the formation of its low-energy excitation spectrum;
  • structural and magnetic phase transitions in multisublattice magnets;
  • optical properties of frustrated magnetic structures;

The most important results:

  • detection of one-phonon light absorption and scattering in crystals induced by the Brillouin zone reduction during magnetic ordering;
  • detection of the phonon mechanism of antistockes excitation of a photoluminescence in CsMnCl3•2H2O single crystal with chain-like structure;
  • detection of the resonance interaction between phonon modes from the center and boundary of the paramagnetic Brillouin zone in magnetically ordered phase of CsFeCl3•2H2O crystal;
  • detection of the influence of a stripe charge ordering on the formation of spectra of phonons and magnons in low-dimensional nickelates;

Experimental equipment allows to carry out investigation of absorption spectra in near-millimeter and far infrared ranges of wavelengths. Temperature range extends from room to 2.8 K; magnetic fields are up to 30 and 250 kOe for permanent and pulse solenoids, respectively.

Available equipment:
  • low-temperature (2.8 – 78 K) wide-band millimeter (0.2 – 10 mm) spectrometer equipped with quasi-optical measurement cell, pulse solenoid (magnetic field up to 250 kOe), and high-sensitive detector of irradiation (n-InSb, 4.2 K);
  • FTIR spectrometer (0.02-0.2 mm) equipped with wide-temperature measurement cell (4.2-300 K) and superconducting solenoid (magnetic field up to 30 kOe).

Recent publications:

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