Department of magnetism

Raman and Brillouin spectroscopy group

Group structure:

  1. V.P. Gnezdilov, DS, leading researcher, head of the group;
  2. A.V. Peschnskii, PhD, senior researcher

The basic directions of researches:

  • Dynamics of a crystal lattice
  • Structural and magnetic phase transitions in multiferroics
  • Light scattering on spin waves in low-dimensional and frustrated magnetic structures
  • Lattice, charge, spin and orbital degrees of freedom determining the unique properties of metal-oxide compounds
  • Structural and electronic phase separation

Some important results:

  • Research of influence of incommensurable charge stripe-ordering on phonon and magnon spectra in low-dimensional nickelates;
  • Detection of interaction of structural and electronic phase separation in oxygen doped lanhtanum cuprate;
  • Detection of effect of huge phonon softening in doped manganites below metal-insulator transition temperature;
  • Detection of anomalous electronic Raman scattering in layered cobaltites NaxCoO2yH2O;
  • Research of interraction between lattice and spin degrees of freedom in frustrated spin-chain compounds NaCu2O2 and α-TeVO4;
  • Detection of a fluctuating spin-state phase and a wipeout of the low-frequency phonon-scattering intensity under the influence of temperature and electromagnetic radiation in spin-crossover system [Fe(pmd)(H2O){Au(CN)2}2]H2O.


  • Raman Jobin-Yvon U-1000 spectrometer;
  • Brillouin Burleigh RC-11 spectrometer;
  • Cryogenic equipment (2 - 300 K);
  • Magnetic field up to 3 T.

- Raman spectrometer.

Brillouin spectrometer.-

International co-operations:
Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia; Institute For Condensed Matter Physics, TU Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany; Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea; Institute of Applied Physics of the Moldavian Academy of Sciences, Kishinev, Moldova; Institute of Solid State Physics and Semiconductors of the Belarus Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus; Institute for Microstructural Science Sciences National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Canada.

Recent publications:

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