General information

Mathematical Division of the B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering is organizing the International Conference « Analysis and Mathematical Physics», to be held at the ILTPE 24-28 of June, 2013.

The conference will consist of two everyday sessions. During the morning session invited speakers will give their talks, in the afternoon invited young participants present their results. The number of invited speakers of the coference is limited.

There is an annual international conference «Low Temperature Physics», organized by the ILTPE and including the section «Modern aspects of mathematics and mathematical physics ». From the 2013 the section will be a part of the conference «Analysis and Mathematical Physics». All interested young scientists are welcome to apply.

Program committee of the conference «Analysis and Mathematical Physics»:

Organizing committee: G.M. Feldman, V.Yu. Vasilchuk, M.G. Poplavskyi.

Registration: Additional information and invitations for young scientists has to be requested via the conference email