To 50th anniversary of B.Verkin ILTPE

International Conference

“Geometry "in large", topology and applications",

devoted to the 90-th anniversary of Alexey Vasilievich Pogorelov

June 22-27, 2009, Kharkiv, Ukraine

List of participants

3d March, 2009 is the 90th birthday of Alexey Vasilievich Pogorelov, an outstanding mathematician of the XX century. A.V. Pogorelov started his scientific work in Kharkov, first at Kharkov State University and then continued it at the Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of NAS of Ukraine, where he was at head of the Geometry Department for over 40 years. A.V. Pogorelov's works are concerned with geometry "in large" and its application to mechanics of shells.

Conference is organised by


Gnatchenko S.L. (Verkin ILTPhE of NAS of Ukraine, Kharkiv)
Bakirov V.S. (Karazin KhNU, Kharkiv)
Samoylenko O.M. (Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv)
Kozlov V.V. (Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS, Moscow)

Program Committee

Marchenko V.A. (Kharkiv) - chairman
Aminov Yu.A. (Kharkiv) - vice-chairman
Anosov D.V. (Moscow)
Borisenko A.A. (Kharkiv)
Gromov M.(Paris)
Diskant V.I. (Cherkasy)
Khruslov E.Y. (Kharkiv)
Mishchenko A.S. (Moscow)
Mishchenko E.F. (Moscow)
Moore J.D. (Santa-Barbara)
Novikov S.P. (Moscow)
Pastur L.A. (Kharkiv)
Reshetniak Yu.G. (Novosibirsk)
Sabitov I.Kh. (Moscow)
Sym A. (Warsaw)
Tenenblat K. (Brazilia)
Faddeev L.D. (S.-Petersburg)
Fomenko A.T. (Moscow)
Fomenko V.T. (Taganrog)
Sharko V.V. (Kyiv)

Local Organising Committee

Khruslov E.Y. - chairman
Aminov Yu.A. - vice-chairman
Babenko V.I.
Bolotov D.V.
Goncharova O.A.
Gorkavyy V.A. - secretary
Kotliarov V.P.
Kruglov V.V.
Medianik A.I.
Milka A.D.
Moskovchenko E.A.
Nevmerzhytska E.N.
Radiakin N.K.
Shepelskiy D.G.
Yampolskiy A.L.
Zholtkevich G.N.


  1. Geometry “in large”
  2. Topology of manifolds
  3. Applications of geometry to mathematical physics and mechanics
  4. Geometry at school

Scientific program includes plenary lectures, short communications, poster session and round tables.

Official languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian

If you intend to take part in the Conference activities, please fill in the on-line registration form or a txt-form which should be returned by e-mail

Conference fee is 100 UAH for FSU participants and 50 Euro for other participants, to be paid upon arrival.

More detailed information will be presented in the second announcement.


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