Statistical Physics 2006
Theory and Applications

International Conference in Ukraine

Kharkiv, 11-15 September, 2006



11 September




Opening session


L. Glazman (USA)

Dynamic response of one-dimensional interacting fermions


Coffee break


R. Schekhter (Sweden)

Spin-dependent tunneling in Coulomb blockade structures

1245 -1325

M. Jonson (Sweden)

Quantum nano-mechanics and single electron tunneling




I. Yukhnovskii (Ukraine)

Thermodynamics, perfection of society and middle class


I. Yanson (Ukraine),

Yu. Naidyuk, V. Fisun,

O. Balkashin, L.Y. Triputen,

A. Konovalenko,

V. Korenivski

Phonon spectroscopy and spin transfer torques in point contacts to thin ferromagnetic films


Coffee break


V. Pokrovsky (USA)

Landau-Zener processes in nanomagnets


M. Pollak (USA)

Spin glass and electron glass – similarities and differences


Get-together party


12 September


B. Altshuler (USA)

Nonadiabatic dynamics of BCS condensate


E. Il'ichev (Germany)

Th. Wagner, H.-G. Meyer, D. Born, W. Krech,

S. Shevchenko,

A. Omelyanchouk,

V. Shnyrkov

Experimental investigation of an interferometer type charge-flux qubit


Y. Fyodorov

(United Kingdom)

Single-channel scattering: A sensitive probe of the Anderson localisation


Coffee break


A. Rybalko (Ukraine)

Observation of mechanoelectric effect in He II


A. Wyatt (United Kingdom)

The unusual properties of anisotropic systems of quasiparticles in superfluid 4He




A.F.G. Wyatt,

I. Adamenko (Ukraine),

K. Nemchenko,

V. Slipko

Thermodynamic properties of quasiparticle anisotropic systems in superfluid helium


D. Fil,

S. Shevchenko (Ukraine)

Interlayer tunneling and the problem of superfluidity in bilayer quantum Hall systems


T. Celik (Turkey)

Effective conformational search methods for biological macromolecules


A. Sokolovsky (Ukraine),

A. Stupka

Nonlinear electrodynamics in medium and photon hydrodynamics


Coffee break


Poster session I


13 September


Yu. Chikina,

V. Shikin (Russia),

A.A. Varlamov

Charged snowball in non-polar liquid


S. Mashkevich,

S. Matveenko,

S. Ouvry (France)

Exact results for the spectra of bosons and fermions with contact interactions


A. Zazunov,
V. Shumeiko
(Sweden), E.N. Bratus’,
G. Wendin

Quantum bits with Josephson junctions


Coffee break


A. Zagoskin (Canada)

Schrodinger's elephants and quantum slide rules


J. Richter (Germany)

Universal properties of highly frustrated quantum magnets in strong magnetic fields




B. Ivanov (Ukraine),

P. Bondarenko,

A. Galkin, V. Kireev

Ground states and excitation spectra for finite systems with dipole coupling: application for magnetic dot arrays


T. Kuzmenko,

K. Kikoin (Israel),

Y. Avishai

Quantum tunneling through nanoobjects in Kondo regime


I. Kuzmenko,

S. Gredeskul (Israel),

K. Kikoin, Y. Avishai

Infrared and ultraviolet spectroscopy of quantum crossbars


Coffee break


Yu. Pashkevich (Ukraine),

V. Gnezdilov, P. Lemmens,

C. Ambrosch-Draxl,

H. Luetkens, K. Lamonova,

A. Gusev, S. Barilo,

S. Shiryaev, G. Bychkov

Spin state blockade at metal-insulator phase transition in layered cobaltites RBaCo2O5.5 Raman studies


V. Adamyan (Ukraine)

Electronic properties of carbon nanotubes


Yu. Averkov (Ukraine),

V. Yakovenko

Cherenkov radiation in semi-infinite media  with a negative refractive index


V. Kagalovsky (Israel),

B. Horovitz,

Y. Avishai

Spin quantum Hall effects in a layered disordered superconductor




14 September


O. Bohigas (France)

Random matrices and chaotic dynamics


I. Mryglod (Ukraine),

T. Bryk

Collective excitations in dynamics of liquids: theory and computer simulations


I. Stasyuk (Ukraine),

O. Hera

Generating functional approach to asymmetric Hubbard model


Coffee break


E. Petrov (Ukraine)

The kinetics of charge transmission through single molecules and molecular wires


P. Lemmens (Germany),

P. Scheib,

M. Valldor

Raman scattering on 2D and 3D systems with competing interactions




J.M. Caillol (France)

A new renormalization group for simple fluids


S. Rutkevich (Belarus)

Semiclassical excitations in the ferromagnetic Ising field theory in a small magnetic field


Yu. Slyusarenko (Ukraine),

A.G. Sotnikov

On some Bose-condensation peculiarities of the ideal hydrogen-like low-temperature plasma


A. Chechkin (Ukraine)

Nonlinear stochastic systems driven by Levy stable processes: "tame" Levy flights


Coffee break

1635-- 1835

Poster session II

15 September


A. Omelyanchouk (Ukraine)

Superconductivity and gravitomagnetism


E. Pashitskii (Ukraine),

V. Pentegov

Superconducting and pseudo-gap states in the multi-layered high-temperature superconductors


V. Krivoruchko (Ukraine),

V. Tarenkov, A. D'yachenko

Andreev magnetotransport in superconductor/half-metallic ferromagnet contacts


Coffee break


A. Svidzynsky (Ukraine)

Mathematical Methods in Theoretical Physics


V. Loktev, Yu. Skrypnyk (Ukraine)

Impurity effects in the 2D systems with Dirac spectrum


V. Ryazanov (Ukraine)

Nonequilibrium statistical operator for systems with finite lifetime



Poster Session I

I. Cooperative and non-linear phenomena
1. Phase transitions and critical phenomena
Charge modulated phases in the chain structures with hydrogen bonds R. Ya. Stetsiv,

R.Ya. Yurechko

Dielectric, piezoelectric and elastic properties of a simple model of a piezoelectric R.R. Levitskii,

I.R. Zachek,

A. S. Vdovych

Fine structure of critical opalescence spectra M.Ya. Sushko
Statistical theory of sublimation: the role of quantum effects V.N. Bondarev,

D.V. Tarasevich

Correlation analysis of the inhomogeneous ordering

process in binary fcc lloys of Cu3Au type

E.P. Feldman,

L.I. Stefanovich,

K.V. Gumennyk

A Monte Carlo study of the Falicov-Kimball model in the perturbative regime G. Musiał,

L. Dębski,

J. Wojtkiewicz

Critical dimensions and order parameters modulations A.V. Babich,

S.V. Berezovski,

V.F. Klepikov

2. Strongly correlated systems
Spin polarization in strong correlated systems S.P. Repetskii,

E.G. Len,

V. V. Lizunov

Pseudospin-electron model spect-rum in alloy analogy ap-proximation I.V. Stasyuk,

V.O. Krasnov

Extension of hydrodynamic equations, obtained from the BBGKY hierarchy Y. A. Humenyuk, M.V.Tokarchuk
Boundary-driven phase transitions in driven diffusive systems V.Yu. Popkov
Instanton oscillations of magnetoresistance in 2D disordered interacting electron system A.M.M. Pruisken,

I. S. Burmistrov

3. Fluids and soft matter
Nonlinear elasticity and phonon hydrodynamics S.A. Sokolovsky,

I.M. Chernenko

Liquid-vapour transitions of fluids adsorbed in disordered porous Media M. Holovko,

T. Patsahan

Description of glass transition in terms of critical dynamics M.G. Vasin
Two regimes at time scales of the single-chain polymer dynamics T. Tchesskaya
Functional methods in the phase transition theory of ionic mixtures O. Patsahan,

I.M. Mryglod

Effect of adsorbed impurities on catalytic CO oxidation: a lattice-gas model I. Mryglod,

I. Bzovska

Waves of electrodynamic correlations in hydrodynamic medium A.I. Sokolovsky,

A.A. Stupka

Towards the choice of a reference system in the theory of simple fluids R. Melnyk,

A. Trokhymchuk,

I. Nezbeda

4. Chaos and solitons
The parallel-magnetic-field-induced metal-insulator transition in disordered 2D systems: The role of the mode reduction effect Y. V. Tarasov
Self induced deformation and “up-hill” diffusion of hydrogen in Al E. Lunarska,

T. Ryumshyna,


Three types of spectra in 1D random correlated binary potentials O.V. Usatenko,

S.S. Melnyk,

V.A. Yampol'skii,

M. Johansson,

L. Kroon,

R. Riklund

Dissipation of classical energy in nonlinear quantum systems Y.V. Pereverzev,

A. Pereverzev, O.V. Prezhdo

Regular and chaotic dynamics of solitons in highly dispersive low-dimensional systems O.V. Charkina,

M.M. Bogdan

Bloch oscillations for topological magnetic solitons E.G. Galkina,

B. A. Ivanov

Poster Session II

II. Nanophysics
1. Structure and characteristics
Interband optical absorption in carbon nanotubes S. Tishchenko
Isosteric heat of adsorption of monoatomic gas

deposited on closed-end single-wall carbon nanobundles

I.I. Poltavsky,

T.N. Antsygina,

K.A. Chishko,

M.I. Poltavskaya

Structure and dynamics in non-aqueous electrolyte solutions

confined by carbon nanotubes

V. V. Chaban,

O.N. Kalugin

Spectrum of charge carrier in functionalized nanowire V.A. Lykah,

E.S. Syrkin

The theory of the reentrant effect in sus-ceptibility of mesoscopic samples (effect A.C. Mota) G. Gogadze

2. Transport phenomena & New applications

Nonsinusoidal current-phase relation in the weak links close to Tc V. E. Sakhnyuk
Thermomagnetic phenomena in Q2D conductors R.A.A. Hasan,

O.V. Kirichenko, V.G.Peschansky

Nonlinear kinetic inductance of MgB2 microcontacts S.I. Biloborodko,

A.N. Omelyanchouk

One-dimensional electron systems in nanochannels T.I. Zueva,

Yu.Z, Kovdrya,

S.S. Sokolov

Study of dissipative processes in Wigner crystal over liquid 3He - 4He mixtures V.E. Syvokon,

K.A. Nasyedkin,

Yu.P. Monarkha

Spin-electrical oscillations of a new–type in conducting nanorings R.N. Gurzhi,

A.N. Kalinenko,

A.I. Kopeliovich,

P.V. Pyshkin,

A.V. Yanovsky

Role of metallic contacts in formation of asymmetric current

through a molecular wire: Kinetic description

E.G. Petrov,

Ya.R. Zelinskyy,

Y.V. Shevchenko

Formation and time evolution of entanglement in the system of coupled Josephson qubits A. S. Kiyko,

A.N. Omelyanchouk, S.N. Shevchenko

Size quantization in metal films S.S. Nedorezov
III. Low temperatures
1. Superconductivity
Coherent current states in two-band superconductor Y. S. Yerin,

A.N. Omelyanchouk

Features of magnetic field freezing in HTSC ceramics S.I. Bondarenko,

A.A. Shablo,

V.P. Koverya,

D.Yu. Fomin

Possible high-field Josephson magnetic resonance in policrystalline superconductors L.V. Belevtsov,

A.I. D'yachenko,

A.A. Kostikov

Critical field of a type i superconducting inclusion O.N. Shevtsova
"Vortex metal" state of U-stripes for underdoped cuprate HTSC G.G. Sergeeva,

A.A. Soroka

Resistive current states in wide superconducting films I.V. Zolochevskii

2. Superfluidity and Bose-Einstein condensation

Response functions in dilute two-component Fermi superfluid  A. A. Isayev
Two-fluid hydrodynamics of the superfluid 4He in the microscopic theory P. P. Shygorin
Driving defect modes of Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattices V.A. Brazhnyi,

V.V. Konotop,

V. M. Pérez-García

Thermal instability of superfluid phase – separated 3He -4He solution heated from below


G. A. Sheshin,

V.K. Chagovets,

T.V. Kalko,

E.Ya. Rudavskii, A.A. Zadorozhko

The creation and decay of high-energy phonons in low-energy phonon pulse in He II A.F.G. Wyatt,

I.N. Adamenko,

Yu.A. Kitsenko,

K.E. Nemchenko,

V.A. Slipko

Interactions Between Phonon Sheets in Liquid helium; 3pp and 4pp


D.H.S. Smith,

C.D.H. Williams, A.F.G. Wyatt

Superfluid Fermi-liquids with configurational freedom degrees A.A. Rozhkov,

M.Yu. Kovalevskii

3. Magnetism

Energy spectrum and EPR of tetramer cluster in CENI O.V.Kravchyna M.Orendach, A.Orendachova,


A. Feher,

A.G. Anders

Electronic structure and magnetic phase transitions in rare-earth borides G.E. Grechnev,

A.E. Baranovskiy,

A.V. Logosha,

O. Eriksson

The Influence of the Covalence Degree and Lattice Distortons on

the Spin State Transformations of a 3d Ion in the Pyramidal and

Octahedral Environment

K. Lamonova,

E. Zhitlukhina,

S. Orel,

P. Lemmens,

Yu. Pashkevich

On the energy spectrum and thermodynamics of 3-leg anisotropic

spin-1/2 ladder model

V.O. Cheranovskii, E.V.Ezerskaya
Dipole Glass Phase in Ferroelectric-Antiferroelectric Mixed Systems N.A. Korynevskii,

V.B. Solovyan

Influence of magnetization on dislocation oscillation spectrum and dynamical deceleration of an edge dislocation by point defects in ferromagnets V. V. Malashenko
Ising model with the biquadratic exchange interaction (S = 1) Y.A. Fridman,

O.A. Kosmachev,

Ph.N. Klevets

Spin modes in electron Fermi liquid of a organic conductors V.G.Peschansky,

D.I. Stepanenko

IV. Non-traditional problems of condensed matter  and statistical physics

Advanced gradient-like algorithms for molecular dynamics simulations

I.P. Omelyan
On homogeneous and inhomogeneous DNA thermal denaturation Sahin Buyukdagli,

M. Joyeux

Synergetics of boundary friction A.V. Khomenko
The two-pathway model for the catch –slip transition in biological adhesion


Y.V. Pereverzev,

O.V. Prezhdo,

M. Forero,

E.V. Sokurenko,

W.E. Thomas,

K.N. Gunnerson

Thermodynamical analogies in the problems of stability of socio-economic systems functioning and optimal control V.P. Demutsky,

O.M. Pignasty