Statistical Physics 2006
Theory and Applications

International Conference in Ukraine

Kharkiv, 11-15 September, 2006




The Conference is a follow up of  "Statistical Physics 2005", August 2005, Lviv, Ukraine and it is intended to be in the frameworks of the renewed tradition of annual conferences on statistical physics and related topics established in Ukraine in the early 70s of the last century.

The conference is addressed to physicists (theoreticians and experimentalists) working in Condensed Matter Physics and Statistical Mechanics.


Conference Topics

Cooperative and non-linear phenomena:

  • Phase transitions and critical phenomena;

  • Strongly correlated systems;

  • Fluids and soft matter;

  • Chaos and solitons.


  • Structure and characteristics;

  • Transport phenomena;

  • New applications.

Low temperature physics:

  • Superconductivity;

  • Superfluidity and Bose-Einstein condensation;

  • Magnetism.

Non-traditional problems of condensed matter and statistical physics.


Conference Programme

The Conference will include invited and contributed oral presentations, as well as poster sessions. Selected papers will be published in the journal "Low Temperature Physics".

List of speakers who plan to participate:

Boris Altshuler

Nonadiabatic dynamics of BCS condensate

Yshai Avishai

A unifying model for several two-dimensional quantum phase transitions

Marc Azbel

Express evolution, directed biology, and instability of civilizations.

Victor Baryakhtar


Eduard Bogachek


Oriol Bohigas

Random matrices and chaotic dynamics

Eleanor Campbell

Carbon nanotubes growth, field emission and nanoelectromechanical devices

Alain Comtet

Extreme value statistics and fluctuation of interfaces

Yan Fyodorov

Statistics of Wigner time delays in disordered samples: manifestation of eigenfunction fluctuations

Leonid Glazman

Transport in Luttinger Liquids

Sergey Gredeskul

Infrared and Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Quantum Crossbars

Evgeni Il'ichev

Experimental investigation of an interferometer type charge-flux qubit

Boris Ivanov

Ground states and excitation spectra for finite systems with dipole coupling: application for magnetic dot arrays

Yuri Izyumov

Sd-model with strong correlations

Mats Jonson

Quantum nano-mechanics and single electron tunneling

Konstantin Kikoin

Kondo effect in triple quantum dots

David Khmelnitskii




Andreev magnetotransport in superconductor/half-metallic ferromagnet contacts

Uzi Landman

Small is different: electrons, atoms and liquids in tight confinements

Joel L. Lebowitz

Microscopic Models and Mesosopic Free Energies

Peter Lemmens

Raman scattering on 2D and 3D systems with competing interactions

Vladimir Litovchenko

Properties of the electron-hole Fermi liquid in the quantum-sized structures and applications

Ihor Mryglod

Collective excitations in dynamics of liquids: theory and computer simulations

Stéphane Ouvry

Vortex structure of rapidly rotating Bose Einstein Condensates in a harmonic trap

Ernst Pashitskii

Superconducting and pseudo-gap states in the multi-layered high-temperature superconductors

Yurii Pashkevich

Spin state ordering - novel mechanism of metal insulator phase transition in the layered cobaltites RBaCo2O5.5

Elmar Petrov

The kinetics of charge transmission through single molecules and molecular wires

Dmytro Petrina

New Second Branch of Spectra of the BCS Hamiltonian and "Pseudo-Gap"

Nikolay Plakida

Electronic spectrum in cuprate superconductors

Valery Pokrovsky

Landau-Zener processes in nanomagnets

Michael Pollak

Spin Glass and Electron glass Similarities and Differences

Yuri Rudavskii

The nonequilibrium statistical Zubarev operator and density functional theory for the inhomogeneous electron gas

Sergei Rutkevich

Semiclassical excitations in the ferromagnetic Ising field theory in a small magnetic field

Johannes Richter

Universal properties of highly frustrated quantum magnets in strong magnetic fields

Aleksey Rybalko

Observation of mechanoelectric effect in He II

Robert Shekhter

Spin-dependent tunneling in Coulomb blockade structures

Vitaly Shumeiko

Quantum bits with Josephson junctions

Ihor Stasyuk

Generating functional approach to asymmetric Hubbard model

Valerii Vinokur


Alexander Voronel

A Simple Theory of Condensation

Adrian Wyatt

The unusual properties of anisotropic systems of quasiparticles in superfluid 4He

Alexandre Zagoskin

Schrodinger's Elephants and Quantum Slide Rules

Call for Contributions

Authors who wish to present a contribution at the conference should submit a one-page abstract. The book of abstracts will be distributed during the conference.

All abstract will be reviewed and authors will be informed about acceptance by 15 May, 2006.

Download a sample of abstract in LaTeX format (2Kb)
Download a sample of abstract in PDF format (45Kb)


The official language of CMPT 2006 is English and no translation service will be provided.


Oral Presentations: There will be a beamer (LCD projector) and an overhead available. You may either bring your laptop computer or use our laptop, or use transparencies.

Poster presentations: The poster boards are 120 cm wide, 90 cm high. Authors will be provided  by specific guidelines for poster display and discussion time. Attendance by one of the authors is required.