II International Advanced Study Conference

Condensed Matter & Low Temperature Physics 2021

6 - 12 June 2021 | 47 Nauky Ave.| Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Welcome to CM&LTP 2021!
The II International Advanced Study Conference “Condensed Matter & Low Temperature Physics 2021" was held in B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine, during June 6-12, 2021. The participants, among which were distinguished leading experts, researchers, engineers, and students, seccessfully discussed their results in the wide-scope meetings in the field of condensed matter and low temperature physics.

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About CM&LTP 2021

We are glad to welcome you on the official web-site of the II International Advanced Study Conference "Condensed Matter and Low Temperature Physics 2021" (CM&LTP 2021) organized in B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering (ILTPE) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU), Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The program focuses on all modern aspects of experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics including low temperature physics, superconductivity, magnetism, optics, nanophysics, biophysics, materials science, and related topics. CM&LTP 2021 is intended to be a platform for scientists to share their knowledges, to exchange new information and ideas, and to find collaborators and co-projects.

The scientists that come from Ukraine and abroad presented 210 oral and poster reports. The international character of the conference was emphasized by 25 countries, among which are Austria, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, India, Italy, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and USA. Lively debate during the oral and poster sessions contributed the participants to exchange useful information and to generate the new ideas, including possible further scientific collaboration.

In addition to rich scientific program, the organizers provided special events for nonformal communication between all scientists at the conference. In particular, participants visited the laboratories of the host Institute, participated in traditional young scientists workshops and round tables, attended the city walking excursion, visited the Museum of Ukrainian pottery in Opishny with pottery lessons and tasting of national dishes, and had a picnic after the excursion.

The organisers thank all participants – invited speakers, institute colleagues, and all guests for the active participation! We hope this conference was interesting for you, and therefore we invite you to visit it next year!

Main Topics

1. Electronic Properties of Conducting and Superconducting Systems;

2. Magnetism and Magnetic Materials;

3. Optics, Photonics and Optical Spectroscopy;

4. Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals, Cryocrystals;

5. Nanophysics and Nanotechnologies;

6. Biophysics and Physics of Macromolecules;

7. Materials Science;

8. Theory of Condensed Matter Physics;

9. Technologies and Instrumentation for Physical Experiments.

The Best Presentations

During the conference all reports were listened by the Program Committee. The authors of the best presentation were chosen by the Program Committee and awarded.

Section 3 – Dr. Ivan Lopushenko
«Simulation of elliptically polarized light propagation in turbid tissue-like scattering media with Monte Carlo method»

Section 4 – Mr. Alexander Konstantinov
«Magnetoelectric Properties of Quantized Vortices and Vortex Rings»

Section 5 – Mr. Dmytro Diachenko
«Structural Models for the Diffraction Analysis of Various Carbon Honeycombs»

Section 6 – Mr. Dmytro Harbuz
«Melatonin determination of the human by a breath test»

Section 7 – Dr. Ekaterina Korneeva
«Stability of Y2Ti2O7 in ODS steels under swift heavy ions irradiation»

Section 8 – Mr. Maxim Mazanov
«Thermal Coulomb Drag Between Quantum Wires Hosting 1D Wigner Crystals»

Section 9 – Mr. Platon Dmitriyev
«Development of universal experimental cell for Yanson point-contact spectroscopy and sensor research»

Poster Section 1 – Dr. Yevgeniy Korshikov
«IR spectrometric studies of recondensates CCL4 obtained by the method of cryomatrics isolation»

Poster Section 2 – Ms. Valeriia Chekubasheva
«Creation of a remote presence robot based on the TI-RLSK development board»


Institute for Low Temperature Physics & Engineering, 47 Nauky Ave., Kharkiv, 61101, Ukraine


Kharkiv International Airport (HRK); "Kharkiv-Pasazhyrskyy" Railway Station; Kharkiv Bus Station №1


Organizing committee is not responsible for accommodation. Please, use Booking, Airbnb etc.


In host Institute there is a cafe offering hot menu including vegetarian food (10:00-17:00).

International Program Committee

Prof. Yurii Naidyuk, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Chair
Prof. Alexander Dolbin, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Vice-chair
Dr. Mykola Glushchuk, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Dr. Viktor Chabanenko, DonFTI NASU (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Gennadiy Grechnev, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Andrzej Jezowski, INTiBS PAN (Wroclaw, Poland)
Dr. Oleksandr Kalinenko, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Dr. Gennadii Kamarchuk, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Viktor Karachevtsev, Corr. Member NASU, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Mykola Kharchenko, Full Member NASU, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Yuriy Kolesnichenko, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Dr. Oleksandr Kordyuk, Corr. member NASU, IMP NASU (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Dr. Volodymyr Kurnosov, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Dr. Volodymyr Maidanov, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Vasyliy Natsik, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Dr. Anatoliy Negriyko, Corr. Member NASU, IP NASU (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Oleksandr Omelyanchouk, Corr. Member NASU, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Dr. Pavel Pal-Val, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Leonid Pastur, Full Member NASU, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Elena Savchenko, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Dr. Sergiy Shevchenko, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Dr. Victor Slavin, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Dr. Svyatoslav Sokolov, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Andrzej Szewczyk, IF PAN (Warsaw, Poland)
Prof. Yevgen Syrkin, ILTPE NASU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Alexander Vasiliev, MSU (Moscow, Russia)

Partners & Co-organizers