Arnold Kosevich
(7.07 1928 - 10.03 2006)

Graduated from Kharkov State University in 1951.
PhD Phys & Math, Kharkov State University,1954.
DSc Phys & Math, Kharkov State University, 1963.

Received an academic status of Professor in 1967. Corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 1990. Honoured Man of Science and Engineering, 1977. Was awarded with the state prizes of Ukraine (1978, 2001) and with the Sinelnikov Prize Of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 1999. Obtained the title of Doctor (honoris causa) of Kharkov National University in 2004.

In 1954-1957 worked at Chernovtsy State University, in 1957-1974 worked at Kharkov Institute for Physics and Technology, in the years 1974 2003 headed the department of theoretical physics at ILTPE.

Scientific activity is devoted to theoretical researches of electronic properties of metals, mechanics of real crystals and magnetoordered systems, nonlinear dynamics of the condensed media. Together with I. M. Lifshits established (1954) connection between the oscillation of magnetic characteristics of metals and the form of an electronic surface of Fermi (Lifshits-Kosevich formula) and in1953 discovered the phenomenon of quantum dimensional effect in the conducting films (the invention was registered in 1977).

Lattice Dynamics with Point and Extended Defects

Lattice dynamics of real crystals is one of the major sections of solid state physics which has been investigated in many researches of the department. These researches are devoted to study quasi-particle excitations in ideal crystals and in crystals with various types of defects, dislocation theory of plasticity and influence of defects on thermodynamic properties of solids.

Linear and nonlinear dynamics of anisotropic crystals and media containing extended defects (dislocations, layer defects of the interface type and external surfaces covered with monoatomic or multyatomic layers) were developed. In the case of linear theory the features of dispersion relations for waves and vibrations localized near the defects of the resonance type were studied, and the density of vibrations of the resonance type in the continuous spectra of crystal were analyzed. In particular the conditions are found when the vibration spectra of surface or localized waves has termination points at the border of the continuous spectra.

(A. Kosevich, A.Kovalev, Ye.Syrkin, K.Chishko, S.Feodosyev, and I.Gospodarev)

An original method of description of the vibration spectrum and atomic dynamics of complex crystal lattices was developed (V.Peresada). On the basis of this method multilayered crystals like HTSC, quasi-low-dimensional structures, and micro and nanoclusters were studied .

(Ye. Syrkin, S.Feodosyev, I.Gospodarev, and V. Grishaev)

Nonlinear surface waves were investigated and a distribution of the deformation (surface displacements) in the dynamic surface solitons was described.

(A.Kosevich, A.Kovalev, and Ye.Syrkin)

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