1955                            MS in Physics, University of Kharkov, Ukraine
1958                            Ph.D in Physics and Mathematics, Institute of Physics, Kiev,Ukraine. Dissertation  Title: Light absorption, luminescence and photoconductivity of CdS single crystals at low temperature. Adviser: A. F. Prikhod’ko.
1966                            Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Institute for Low Temperature  Physics & Engineering, (ILTPE), Kharkov. Dissertation Title: Spectral and  magneto-optical study of antiferromagnetic insulators.
Employment history:
2006-present              Director's Adviser of Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering

1991 – 2006                Director of Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering,

1990 – present         Editor-in-chief of the journal  "Low Temperature Physics", American Institute of Physics,  since 1992 – editorial board of  “Space Research” (Ukraine)
1967 – present          Professor of Physics - Kharkov State University,
1996 – 2001                Co-director of scientific international program "Kharkov Link", International Institute for    Theoretical and Applied Physics (IITAP), Iowa State University (ISU), USA,
Since 1963                 Head of Laboratory for Magnetism and Spectroscopy of Solids, ILTPE,
1961 – 1963                Senior Researcher, ILTPE, NAS of Ukraine, Kharkov,
1959 – 1961                Member of Research Staff - Institute of Physics, NAS, Kiev, Ukraine,
1958 –1959                 Post Doctoral Fellow, Institute of Physics, National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Kiev, Advisers: V. L. Broude and E. I. Rashba.


Professional Affiliations:

Full Member (Academician) of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, since 1976
Active member of the New York Academy of Sciences, since 1993
Full Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, since 1999
Member of the Ukrainian Physical Society, since 1992
A complementary member of APS (American Physical Society) sponcored by APS and the American Institute of  Physics (AIP), since 1991. A Fellow member of APS (American Physical Society), since 2000.
Co-director of NATO Advanced Study Institute “Modern Trends in Magnetostriction Study and Application” (2000, Ukraine)
Field of Expertise:  Physical and Mathematical Sci.  
Magnetism: magnetic properties of antiferromagnets and superconductors; magnetostriction
Selected Publications:
1. Magnetooptics and Spectroscopy of Antiferromagnets  -    Springer-Verlag, New-York, 1992. 
2. Stimulated emission and relaxation processes in molecular crystals – Phys. Reports, 166 , 353 (1988)
3. Magnetostriction at spin-flopping in antiferromagnets.  -  Kluwer Press, The Netherlands - 2000, pp.223-247. 
4.Investigation of magnetic flux gradients in hard superconductors, Low Temperature Physics, 27, 311  (2001);