Department of Magnetism







Author Title of the thesis Year Scientific degree
 S.L. Gnatchenko "Magnetic inhomogeneous states formed during the phase transitions in multi-sublattice magnets" 1991 Dr.Sc.(solid state physics)
 V.P. Gnezdilov "Raman scattering in high correlated electronic systems" 2014 Dr.Sc. (physics of magnetic phenomena)
 Yu.O. Savina "Magnetic, Thermal and resonance properties of the quasi-one-dimensional Heisenberg magnet β‑TeVO4" 2018 Ph.D. (physics of magnetic phenomena)
 D.N. Merenkov "Spontaneous and magnetic field induced spin configurations in Fe/Si, Gd/Co, Gd/Fe multilayers" 2003 Ph.D. (physics of magnetic phenomena)
 V.V. Tsapenko "Experimental investigation of the many-sublattice magnetic structure influence on the phonon spectra of the crystals" 2001 Ph.D. (physics of magnetic phenomena)
 A.V. Peschanskii "Raman scattering in the  MeSiF6×6H2O crystals and its dependence on external influence" 1996 Ph.D. (solid state physics)
 V.S. Kurnosov "Raman scattering in the antiferromagnets: quasi-two-dimensional NH3(CH2)2NH3MnCl4 and quasi-one-dimensional CsMnCl3•2H2O" 1994 Ph.D. (physics of magnetic phenomena)
V.G. Piryatinskaya "The influence of dimensionality and symmetry of magnetic structure on optical absorption spectra of antiferromagnetic dielectrics" 1994 Ph.D. (physics of magnetic phenomena)
 V.A. Bedarev "Effect of linearly polarized light on optical anisotropy and magnetization reversal of the manganese - germanium garnet " 1994 Ph.D. (physics of magnetic phenomena)
 V.A. Pashchenko "Antiferromagnetic resonance in layered perovskite-type compounds" 1992 Ph.D. (physics of magnetic phenomena)
 I.S. Kachur "Peculiarities of light absorption by antiferromagnetic CsMnCl3•2H2O, related to low dimensionality of its magnetic structure " 1989 Ph.D. (physics of magnetic phenomena)
 M.I. Kobets "Antiferromagnetic resonance and magnetic phase transitions in layered compounds (NH3)2(CH2)nMCl4, (n=2, 3; M=Mn2+, Cu2+)" 1985 Ph.D. (physics of magnetic phenomena)
 A.V. Eremenko "Nonadiabatic effects in the interaction of electrons with sound in metals" 1985 Ph.D. (solid state physics)
V.P. Gnezdilov "Optical properties of gadolinium and its alloys" 1984 Ph.D. (solid state physics)
 S.L. Gnatchenko "Spin-orientation phase transitions induced by a magnetic field in rare-earth ferrite-garnets: magneto-optical and visual investigations" 1977 Ph.D. (solid state physics)