Ukrainian State Prizes  

2015 Gomonaj H.V., Grechnev G.E.(ILTPE), Zvyagin A.A.(ILTPE), Karbovskii V.L., Kolesnichenko Yu.A.(ILTPE), Kordyuk A.A., Marchenko A.A., Nadutov V.M., Naidyuk Yu.G.(ILTPE), Tatarenko V.A. for series of the works "Functional properties of bulk and surface ordered systems and fabrication of new metal-containing materials and structures"
2013 Belokolos E.D.., Brizhik L.S., Holod P.I., Zolotaryuk O.V., ZolotaryukYa.O., IvanovB.I., KivsharYu.S., Kovalev O.S  (ILTPE)., Kolezhuk O.K., Yampolsky V.O.. for a series of papers "Nonlinear waves and solitons in condensed matter physics"
2011 Strzhemechny M.A., Karachevtsev V.A., Prokhvatilov A.S., Dolbin A.V., SV Lubenets (ILTPE), Bulavin L.A. (KNU), V.N. Uvarov, Antonov V.N. (IMP), Lebovka N.I. (Bioorganic Chemistry Institute), SG Sharapov (Institute Theoretical Physics) for a series of scientific papers "Quantum effects and structural self-organization in the new multi-functional nanomaterials"
2010 Bezugly S.I., Danilenko .I. (ILTPE), Sharkovsky .N., Kolyada S.F., Romanenko .Yu., Maistrenko Yu.P., Teplinsky .Yu., Fedorenko V.V. (IM), Chueshov I.D., Korobov V.I. (KhNU) for a series of scientific papers "theory of dynamical systems: modern techniques and their applications"
2008 Blagoy Yu. P. (ILTPE), Sorokin VA (ILTPE), Govorun D.N. (IMBG NASU), A.I. Korneliouk (IMBG NASU), Kharkyanen V.N. (IF NASU), Volkov S.N, (ІTF NASU), Khristophorov L.N. (ITP NASU), Maleev V.Y. (ІRE NASU), Semenov M.A. (IRE NASU), A.N. Veselkov (posthumously) for the work "The fundamental physical properties of biopolymers that determine their functioning"
2008 Peschanskii VG (ILTPE), Ptushinsky Y.G. (IF NASU), Brown O.M. (ІF NASU), Yakovkin І.N. (IF NASU), O.G. Fedorus (IF NASU), Osovsky V.D. (IF NASU), Sologub S.V. (IF NASU), S.N. Orlik (Institute of Physical Chemistry of NASU), Soloviev SA (Institute of Physical Chemistry of NASU), OA Panchenko (posthumously) for a series of scientific papers "adsorbed layers on the surface of transition metals: structure, electronic processes, friction, kinetics of formation, catalysis"
2006 V.rive, ..melyanchouk, S.І.Shevchenko(ILTPE) with  Bogolyubov Institute of Theoretical Physics  „Effects of spontaneous infringement of symmetry and phase transformations in the physics of elementary particles and the physics of the condensed condition”
2005 A.V. Pogorelov (ILTPE) (posthumously),  Yu.. minov (ILTPE) For a cycle of monographs “Geometry and topology of finitedimensional, infinitedimensional manifolds and submanifolds ”
2004 S.L. Gnatchenko, V.P. Gnezdilov, A.V. Yeremenko, V.I. Fomin, N.F. Kharchenko, I.E. Chupis (ILTPE), I.L. Liubchansky, Yu.G. Pashkevich (A.A. Galkin Donetsk Physico-Technical Institute), E.G. Petrov (N.N. Bogoliubov Institute for Theoretical Physics) for a cycle of research “New Optical and Magneto-Optical Phenomena in Antiferromagnets”
2001 Kosevich A.M.(ILTPE), Tovstyuk K.D.( STC "Grim"), Bercha D.M., Slivka V.Yu. (Uzhgorod Nat.University),  Motsnyi F.V., Yaremko A.M., Ishenko S.S.( Institute of Physics of Semiconductors), Kovalyuk Z.D., Stahira I.M  (Chernovtsy  Institute of Material Problems), Koshkin V.M.(Kharkov Polytechnical Institute) for new physical effects in high-anisotropic semiconductors and devices on there base
2000 E.V.Bezuglii, V.G. Volotskaya, V.P. Galaiko, I.M.Dmitrenko, V.M.Dmitriev, I.V. Zolochevsky, A.G. Sivakov, E.V. Khristenko, G.E.Churilov (ILTPE) for studies of microwave enhanced superconductivity and phase-slip processes in thin films of superconductors including high-temperature ones
1997 R. N. Gurzhi, A. I. Kopeliovich (ILTPE), Yu. S. Vedula, A. G. Naumovets (Institute of Physics), A. N. Voskoboinikov, V. N. Dobrovolsky, N. G. Nakhodkin (Kiev State University), D. V. Korbutyak, V. G. Litovchenko (Institute of Physics of Semiconductors), A. T. Loburets (Poltava Technikal University) for studies of processes of charge and mass transfer and electronic kinetic phenomena at surfaces and near-surface layers of solids
1996 N. E. Diumin, E. Ya. Rudavsky, V. K. Chagovets, V. N. Grigoriev (ILTPE), S. V. Peletminsky (Kharkov Physico-Technical Institute), I. N. Adamenko (Kharkov State University) for studies of kinetic processes in quantum liquids and crystals
1992 B. Ya. Levin, I. V. Ostrovsky (ILTPE) for studies on integral and meromorphic functions
1991 A. G. Anders, A. A. Stepanov, A. I. Zvyagin, Yu. V. Pereverzev   (ILTPE), D. A. Yablonsky ( ?), S. M. Ruabchenko  (Chairman of the Committee for Scientific Progress at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine), A. F. Lozenko (Institute of Physics), V. N. Krivoruchko (Donetsk Physiko-Technical Institute) for detection and investigation of new types of resonances, structures and magnetoelastic anomalies in low-dimensional antiferromagnets
1990 V. M. Naumenko, V. V. Pishko (ILTPE), V. M. Loktev, I. P. Dziuba   (Institute Theoretical Physics), E. G. Rudashevsky, A. S. Prokhorov (Institute of General Physics USSR Academy of Science), M. A. Ivanov, Yu. G. Pogorelov (Institute of Physics of Metals) for prediction, detection and investigation of a new type of elementary excitation in crystals with impurities
1989 V. A. Marchenko, E. Ya. Khruslov (ILTPE), I. V. Skrypnik (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechaniks) for solution of edge problems of mathematical physics in the regions with fine-grain boundaries
1987 G. A. Khorash, E. A. Amelin, I. M. Smetana, V. M. Boichuk (ILTPE), G.V. Topor (Vetkovskii Maintenance Works), I. P. Ivasishin (Ministery of Motor Transport),  A.N.  Artemenko (Deputy-Minister  for Motor Transport), I. G. Krivoshapov, O.M. Kovalenko (Administration  for Truck Motor Transport) for development and construction of a NAST refrigerated truck with a N2cooling system for city trucking
1986 Yu. F. Komnik (ILTPE), L. S. Palatnik (Kharkov Polytechnical Institute), B. Ya. Pines (Kharkov State University), P. G. Borziak, O. G. Sarbey, P. M. Tomchuk, G. A. Katrich, S. A. Nepiiko, R. D. Fedorovich, Yu. A. Kuliupin (Institute of Physics) for studies of size effects in small particles of a solid
1985 I. M. Lifshits (Institute of Physical Problems), L. A. Pastur, S. A. Gredeskul (ILTPE) for the introduction to theory of disordered systems
1980 I. K. Yanson, I. O. Kulik (ILTPE), E. A. Kaner, A. P. Korolyuk (Institute og Radio Electronics), L. T. Tzymbal, V. M. Svistunov, T. F. Butenko (Donetsk Physico-Technical Institute), V. V. Nemoshkalenko (Institute of Physics of Metals of NASU) for research of elementary excitations in metals
1978 A. M. Kosevich (ILTPE), M. A. Krivoglaz, A. A. Smirnov (Institute of Physics of Metals), V. V. Slezov (Kharkov Physico-Technical Institute) for a series of research on non-perfect crystals
1977 A. P. Romodanov, O. A. Laponogov (Neurosurgery (Neurosurgery (Neurosurgery Research Institute), V. I. Grishchenko (Kharkov  Medical Institute), V. F. Zubashich (Micropribor Research Institute), E. M. Medvedev (ILTPE), V. A. Naer (Techn. Institute Refrigeration Industry), V. A. Nikitin (Institute for Advanced Doctors' Training), T. P. Ptukha (Research Institute for Medical Engineering), L. I. Trushkevich (Research Institute of X-ray radiology and oncology), A. I. Tsyganov (Research Institute  for Rhinolaringology) for development, investigation and implementation of cryosurgical methods and instruments into clinical practice (gynecology, neurosurgery, stomatology, rhinolaryngology)
1977 V. G. Manzhelii, I. Ya. Fugol (ILTPE), A. F. Prikhotko, L. I. Shainsky (Institute of Physics), Yu. B. Gaididey, V. M. Loktev (Institute of Theoretical Physics) for research on elementary excitations and  their interactions in cryocrystals
1973 B. I. Verkin, I. M. Lubarsky (ILTPE) for  research on special materials science
1973 A. V. Pogorelov (ILTPE) for solution of multidimensional Minkowsky problem
1971 V. V. Eremenko, V. A. Popov, A. E. Borovik, K. L. Dudko, V. M. Fridman (ILTPE), V. G. Baryakhtar (Kharkov Physico-Technical Institute), A. A. Galkin, E. P., Stepanovsky, S. N., Kovner (Donetsk Physico-Technical Institute) for discovery, theoretic and experimental research on the intermediate state in antiferromagnets

Prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
for the development and implementation of innovative technologies

2017   Antichyk L. I. (ITE), Koval U.N. (IMP), Maidanov V. A.(ILTPE), Melenevskii U.A. (Kriokosmos), Vlpsov V.V., Kochergin I.G., Lozbin D.V., Molodik A.V., Nosov N.I., Smolyar G.A. (Arsenal) For work "Research, development and introduction in industry of the newest technologies of manufacturing the gas and thermoelectric cooling systems of receivers of infra-red radiation and space simulators down to low and cryogenic temperatures"

Prizes of the National  Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Gold medal of Vernadsky

2010   Marchenko V.. (ILTPE) for outstanding achievements in the field of functional analysis and mathematical physics

Bogolubov Prize

2002 Pastur L.A.. (ILTPE) for a cycle of works on research of the theory of a field and the theory of the disorder systems
1998 Pogorelov .V (ILTPE), Samoylenko .. (IM) for a series of "Creation and support of advanced mathematical methods for solving problems in physics and mathematics"
1996 Marchenko V.. (ILTPE), Parasuk .S.(ITPh) for a series of "functional-algebraic methods in mathematical physics"

B. I.  Verkin Prize

2016 Omelyanchuk .N., Shevchenko S.N.(ILTPE) , Il'ichev E.V. (IFT) for a series of "Theory and experimental realization of Josephson qubits for quantum computers"
2011 Sivokon V.Ye., Sokolov S.S., Kovdrya Yu.Z. (posthumously) (ILTPE for a series of "Effects of ordering and collective phenomena in low-dimensional systems"
2007 .. (ILTPE),  .. (), .. () for a series of "Electronic states and transport phenomena in superconducting  metaloksidnyh cuprates"
2006  Yanson І.., Naidyuk Yu.G.(ILTPE), for monograph «Point-contact Spectroscopy» (Springer, NY, 2004)
1999 V. G. Manzhelii, A. N. Aleksamdrovskii, V. B. Esel'son(ILTPE) for works on quantum (tunnel) rotation of molecules in solids

Davidov Prize

2006 Kovalev A.S. (ILTPE), Ivanov B.A. (IM S Ukraine) Sheka D.D. (Kiev National University) for a cycle of works " Vortical dynamics of magnetiks "

N.M. Krylov Prize

2003  Yu.A.Aminov (ILTPE) for a series of studies "Development of geometrical and topological methods
of investigations of manifolds and submanifolds"
1996 V. P. Kotlyarov, E. Ya. Khruslov (ILTPE) for studies on decomposition of solutions of nonlinear evolutions into asymptotic solutions
1989 A. E. Borovik (ILTPE), N. N. Bogolubov, jr. (Steklov Institute of Mathematics), I. A. Akhiezer (Kharkov Physico-Technical Institute) for a series of research works on non-linear models of theoretical   and mathematical physics
1987 A. V. Pogorelov (ILTPE) for a series of studies on multidimensional Monge-Ampere equation
1983 V. A. Marchenko  (ILTPE) for studies on Sturm-Liouville operators and their applications

M.A. Lavrent'ev Prize

2007  Marchenko V.A., Khruslov E.Ya. (ILTPE) "Asymptotic and analytical methods of research of non-classical problems of mathematical physics"

 Yu.A. Mitropolsky Prize

2013 Egorova I.Ye. (ILTPE), ..(), .. () for a series of "Analytical methods and spectral theory of dynamical systems and nonlinear differential equations"

M.V. Ostrogradskiy Prize

2011 Kotlyarov V.P., Shepelsky D.G. (ILTPE), .. (KNU) for the series of works "Analytic and asymptotic methods in the theory of integrable systems"


Pastur L.A., Feldman G. M., Shcherbina M.V. (ILTPE) for the series of researches "Probabilistic problems on groups and spectral theory"
2006  Berezansky Yu..,  Nizhnik L.P. (IM of NAS of Ukraine) and  Rofe-Beketov F.S. (ILTPE) for a series of works  „The spectral theory of operators of mathematical physics

E. O. Paton Prize

1983 V. Ya. Ilichev  (ILTPE), K. M. Ishchenko, B. E. Paton, K. A. Yushenko (Institute of Electric Welding), E. A. Ulianin, I. A. Sorokina (Chermet Research Institute) for a series of works on use of new structural materials for  cryogenic engineering

Pekar S.I. Prize

2013 Shevchenko S.I. (ILTPE), .. () .. () for the series of works "The theory of correlation and coherent processes in semiconductor heterostructures"
2010 Zvyagin A.A. (ILTPE), .. (), ..() for the series of works "The influence of spin-orbit and Coulomb interactions on the properties of electron systems"

Pogorelov A.V. Prize

2016 Bolotov D.V.(ILTPE), Gorkaviy V..(ILTPE), Maksimenko S.I. (IM) For a series of papers "Geometric and topological properties of submanifolds and foliations"
2007 Milka A.D. (ILTPE), Novikov S.P. (I RAS), Trokhimchuk Yu.Yu. (I) For a series of "Modern methods of geometry and topology and their applications"

.F.Prichot'ko Prize 

2006 Pulkovskaya G.A.,  Melnik V.I., and Strzhemechny M.A.(ILTPE) For a cycle of works " the Polymorphic and quantum phenomena in molecular crystals "
2002 Savchenko E.V. (ILTPE), Ostapenko N.I.. (Institute of  Physics, Kyiv), Dovgiy Ya.O. (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv) For research neutral and charging excitations in the solid-state systems

I. P. Puljuya Prize

2003 E. T. Verkhovtseva, O. E. Gnatchenko (ILTPE) For a cycle of works " the Resonant phenomena and polarizing brake radiation at collision of electrons with atoms "

K. D. Sinelnikov Prize

1999 Bojko V. S., Garber R. I-G.(NSC "KhPhTI"), Kosevich A. M. (ILTPE) for the  book "Reversible Crystals Plasticiti"
1985 Eremenko V. V. , Kharchenko N. F. (ILTPE), Loktev V. M.  (Institute of Theoretical Physics) for works on visualization of 1800 antiferromagnetic domains

Shubnikov Prize

2003  V.V. Eremenko, V.A. Sirenko, V.D. Fil (ILTPE) for a series of studies "Magnetoelastic phenomena in the Shubnikov phase of superconductors

for young Scientists

2018 Marchenko V.A. (ILTPE) for series of works «New class of generators of strongly continuous groups and Schauder decompositions»
2013 Afanasjev A., Fedorchenko A. (ILTPE), Shevtsova T (DonFTI) for a series of works "Electronic structure, magnetic properties and superconductivity of low-dimensional systems of transition metals"
2010 Shevchenko S.N. ( ILTPE ), Yuzephovich .I.  ( ILTPE ), .. ( ) for a series of papers "New Quantum and Size Effects in Superconducting Mesoscopic Structures"
2010 Bershtein . ( ILTPE ), Strelets A.V. ( IM NASU ) for a series of works "Theory of images of * -algebras and its applications"
2006 Kulagin V.M., Medinets  .S., Mironyuk .V. (ILTPE) for a series of works  «Topological groups and their actions in ergodic theory and functional equations»

President of the Ukraine for young Scientists Prize


Avotina .S., Bashlakov D.L. (ILTPE), Ogloblya .V. (KNU)

for a series of "New quantum effects in the electronic properties of point contacts and nanotubes"


Gorkaviy V.., Bolotov V.V. (ILTPE), Iljenko I.V. (IRE)

for a series of "Geometric and topological properties of submanifolds and foliations of Riemannian and pseudo-Riemannian spaces"


Penzev .., Polev .V., Syrnikov .V. (ILTPE)

for a series of "New effects in two-phase solutions of quantum crystals of helium isotopes at very low temperatures"

Prize of the Supreme Council of Ukraine for the most talented young scientists
 in the field of basic and applied research and scientific and technical developments

2010 Glamazda .Yu., arachevtsev .V. (ILTPE), Lositsky .Yu. (KNU) for his work "The latest nanobiosistemy based on DNA with carbon nanotubes and dyes"

Foreign Prizes

The Hewlett-Packard Prize of the European Physical Society

1987 I. K. Yanson (ILTPE) for discovery and development of point contact spectroscopy in metals

 The Fields Gold Medal 

1990 V. G. Drinfeld (ILTPE) for a series of works on proof of the Langlands hypothesis for GL(2) over the functional field in quantum groups

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Prize
1990 Yanson I.. (ILTPE) For outstanding research in the field of physics

 Lise Meitner Prize
of Physical center of Gothenburg and Chalmers University (Sweden)
2009 Yanson I.. (ILTPE) For pioneering research in the field of solid state physics that led to the first direct observation of the  Josephson effect and the opening of point-contact spectroscopy of the elementary excitations in solids

Gold Medal and Prize
of the Society of Taras Shevchenko in Ukraine and the Fond "Ukraine - USA" for young mathematicians

2017 Marchenko V.A.(ILTPE) for the scientific research stady «Spectral theory of strongly continuous semigroups and stability of Schauder decompositions»


Karpel .M.

for work "Measures on Cantor sets and their classification


Bernshtein .. (ILTPE)

for work "Representation theory and harmonic analysis in quantum bounded symmetric domains"

USSR State Prizes  

1985 Yu. A. Kirichenko (ILTPE) for a series of research works on thermal processes
1978 B. I. Verkin, V. G. Manzhelii, V. A. Buchakchinsky (ILTPE), N. S. Pushkar, M. I. Shrago (Institute of Cryobiology) for works in spesial medicine

   Lenin Prizes   

1986 V. A. Mikheev (ILTPE), A. F. Andreev,  K. O. Keshishev, A. Ya. Parshin (Kapitza Institute of Physical Problems RAS), Yu. M. Kagan, L. A. Maksimov (Kurchatov Institute RAS) for a series of research works on tunnel transport of substance and quantum crystallizatoin


1962 V. A. Marchenko (ILTPE) for a series of research on inverse problems of the spectral   analysis of differential operators
1962 A. V. Pogorelov (ILTPE) for solution of the problem of infinitesimal bendings of general convex surfaces

Prize of  Academy of Sciences  of the another countres

Prize of Mathematics Department of USSR Academy of Scienses  

1988 V. G. Drinfeld (ILTPE) for a series of works on the proof of Langlands hypothesis for GL(2) over the functional field in quantum groups

  Azerbaijan SSR State Prize  

1986 V. V. Eremenko(ILTPE),  Yu. M. Seidov (Azerbaijan SSR Institute of Physics) for optic spectroscopy of magnets

USSR Academy  of Sciences and Polish Academy of Sciences Prize

1987 V. V. Eremenko, N. F. Kharchenko, S. L. Gnatchenko (ILTPE). G. Szymczak, R. Szymczak, K. Petrovskii,   A. Shevchik (Institute of Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences) for magnetooptic studies of inhomogeneous states in magnets

Prize of Mathematics Department of USSR Academy of Scienses

1988 V. G. Drinfeld (ILTPE) for a series of works on the proof of Langlands hypothesis for GL(2) over the functional field in quantum groups

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